Sheer Posture Support Brace with Armpit Pads for Added Underarm Comfort review

Looking for a quality posture support brace that can help you correct your poor posture? If yes then you can choose Sheer Posture Support Brace with added underarm comfort and armpit pads. It is designed to avoid any shoulder slouch and helps in correcting poor posture. The sheer posture is one size fit and unisex support available.

Sheer Posture Support brace is available with Armpit pads for providing more underarm comfort and can be used to accommodate various body types and also adjustable as required. The arm strap is having a metal buckle that can provide you support. It is also possible to shorten or lengthen the strap that fits in your body and provides better support for your body. Strap comes with a removable arm cushion that helps in relieving chafing and tension in your body.


Due to stretchable nature of the product, it easily fits in the stomach that measure between 29 to 40 inches. There is also elastic pull that can be fastened to the main Velcro belt. It helps in serving different purposes and includes additional support to hold the support. There is also vertical flexible reinforcement that helps in providing rigidity to the support center. Sheer Posture product brace support is made of lightweight material which makes it easy for the adjustable arm straps to add to the attachment points. The product is quite durable in nature and can be found easily from the medical store.


The Sheer posture support brace is available to buy from local medicine shop or from online e-commerce website like Amazon. One can buy this product online at around $55 and this product gets shipped within 2-4 working days. Another thing is that it has 90 days satisfaction guarantee. However, this product is quite useful in helping you correct your wrong back posture. One of the key things about this product is that it is value for money product. It is made from quality material available with unmatched performance and material.

Color and Size

There are three different types of colors available to choose i.e. Black with black trim, Pink with white trim, Blue with black trim and beige with white trim.

Our experience

Review of this product is available online by many users. Users have found this product quite impressive in terms of performance. It is easy to unravel and strap when required, comes with a quality material,


Below are some of the benefits of this product.

  • Permanent Results: With continued use, the results achieved by this product are permanent combined with posture along with good exercise routine.
  • Highly Durable: Sheer Posture is made from high quality materials and goes through rigorous testing procedures that help you receive the posture support which helps you deliver superior performance and quality.
  • Good Fitting: With its unisex design, it fits easily for all shapes and sizes with measurement ranging from 29-40 inches.


One of the letdowns of this product is that it needs to be hand washed and not machine wash.


Sheer posture support brace with Armpit pads for added underarm comfort is quite useful, durable and high performance support for correcting your posture. 

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